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Orthodontic Options For Self-Concious Teens

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The teenage years are a time of great changes. Your teen becomes more independent, develops a greater sense of their own identity, and quite possibly becomes a bit self-conscious about their appearance. This last point can mean that your teen might not be thrilled when they learn that they need braces. Yes, metal dental braces are a bit obvious, and it's not like they'll go unnoticed. But modern orthodontics has a few tricks up its sleeve for teens who really don't want to have to wear braces. 

Clear Aligners 

Invisalign is probably the best-known of the clear aligners (which are also known as invisible braces). These are a series of transparent thermoplastic aligner trays which tightly hug the teeth, gradually moving them into alignment throughout the course of your teen's treatment. Strictly speaking, they're not truly invisible, but they're very discreet. Clear aligners aren't going to be suitable for all orthodontic problems, and if teeth are overlapping or are slightly rotated (twisted) in their dental sockets, then a more comprehensive form of treatment will be needed. If your teen was eligible for clear aligners, chances are that their orthodontist will have already made this suggestion, but you may wish to clarify this eligibility.

Lingual Braces

What's the good thing about lingual braces? They're conventional dental braces that manage to be totally invisible. But what's the bad thing about lingual braces? They can be somewhat awkward to wear. Instead of being attached to the outward-facing surfaces of the teeth, lingual braces are bonded to the rears of the teeth and are then adjusted during your teen's regular orthodontic checkups. Given their position (and the fact that they create a physical barrier between the tongue and the teeth), lingual braces can lead to some speech difficulties. Their position also makes it easy for food to become lodged in them, so your teen must be very diligent with their oral hygiene. They're a good option for image-conscious teens, and it really becomes a question if your teen can use them comfortably.

Ceramic Braces

Conventional dental braces don't have to be conspicuously metal. Ceramic braces are when all the visible components of the braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic, allowing them to blend into the teeth. They'll still be visible but are designed to be partially camouflaged by their background. Beyond their color scheme, ceramic braces behave in the same way as traditional metal braces. 

At the end of the day, how your teen feels about braces doesn't change the fact that they need braces. Fortunately, the whole world doesn't need to know about it, meaning your teen doesn't need to feel self-conscious during their orthodontic treatment.

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