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Need Partial Dentures? Know Your Options

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If you are interested in getting partial dentures, it is important to know that there is not a single solution that works for everybody. There are actually several types of partial dentures available to you. By knowing the differences, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to the selection process. 

Duracetal Denture

What makes this partial denture unique is that the entire partial denture is made from a mold, so it is all one big piece, which includes the framework and clasp. The base itself is made with a white material, which helps it blend in better with your teeth when viewed by others. The teeth on the duracetal partial denture are made from a hard acrylic material, which is very durable for everyday use.


If you only need one tooth replaced, a flipper can be a great option. The base material is made with hard acrylic material but typically uses metal retention hooks to hold the partial denture in place. This can work for people that want a temporary option while they are waiting for their dental implant surgery. 

Unilateral Denture

A unilateral denture works for replacing missing teeth along the side of your mouth. It can support multiple teeth, and uses a clear clasp that will be visible over the surrounding teeth. Thanks to the clasp material being the same color as your gums, it should blend in quite well so that others cannot tell you are wearing a partial denture.

Combo Cast Metal Denture

What makes a combo cast metal denture unique is how it uses metal and flexible material to form the dental appliance. The dental patient can get the support of having a metal framework, but the clasp is made of flexible material. This makes it easier for the patient to remove the dentures easily but still have the support of solid metal framework. 

People tend to like this combination because the metal is thinner than acrylic material for the framework, which alters speech much less when wearing them. The strong metal can also allow for a more open design where the entire roof of the mouth is not covered. The metal also lasts longer, so there is less of a need to have the combo cast metal denture repaired or replaced. 

Not sure what kind of partial denture is best for you? Meet with a denture specialist for a consultation. They'll let you know which one they recommend to fit your needs.