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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures And Teens: Is It The Right Time?

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Cosmetic procedures and teenagers aren't phrases that are typically used together. However, it's helpful to remember that dental cosmetic procedures are different. Teenage patients can undergo cosmetic dental services safely and without the risk of long-term damage if they're ready. Whether it's veneers or teeth whitening, if your teenager has expressed a desire to have a cosmetic procedure performed, learn how you can determine if it's the right time.

Good Oral Care

Only those teenagers who have expressed a pattern of good oral care practices are ready to have a cosmetic dentistry procedure performed. Take veneers, for example. After their installation, it's important to keep up with regular brushing and flossing. If a person neglects their oral health, bacteria and plaque can settle around the gum line and possibly lead to gum disease. A child that is ready for this type of procedure takes care of their teeth without prompting from their parents. 


Make sure your child has a healthy level of self-confidence before you think about a cosmetic procedure. It is a falsehood that a change to your physical appearance will automatically change the way you feel about yourself. Many confidence issues are deep-rooted, and they will not go away after your child's smile is enhanced. Have a serious conversation with your child about how they feel about themselves and watch their patterns. If you have any concerns, now might not be the time to move forward with a procedure. 

Sports and Other Activities

If your child is active in any sports or other physical activities, you should think long and hard about whether or not now is the right time for a procedure. The cost of a quality veneer is an investment. If your child plays football, soccer, or any sport where they make contact with fast-moving objects, there is a risk that the veneer will become damaged or need to be replaced. While veneers are incredibly durable, just like your normal tooth, they are no match for high force.  

Full Development

Cosmetic dentistry is not an option until your teenager's teeth are fully developed. This statement is true for everything from veneers to teeth whitening. If you perform cosmetic procedures before the teeth are fully developed, your results will not be permanent. Keep in mind; no two people develop at the same rate. So, just because your child is a certain age doesn't mean your child is ready. However, your dentist will tell you beforehand if your child still has some development to go. 

Your dentist will be more than happy to talk with you about your child's readiness for one of these procedures, so don't hesitate to bring up the topic if you have concerns.