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Dental Tips To Ensure A Happy And Healthy Spring

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The calendar turning from one season to the next is as good of an excuse as any to check up on your dental habits. Make this spring the one where you finally take full control over your dental health. Here are some dental tips to keep in mind for a happy and healthy spring.

Switch Out Your Brushes

Most dentists suggest you should switch out your brushes at least every three months, if not sooner. If you know it's been a while since you've done so, go ahead and make the switch now. Pitch every single toothbrush your family owns and head to the local department store for new ones. Make sure you stick with soft bristle brushes, just like the ones your dentist gives you at your six month check up. Anything harder could put you at risk of scrubbing away your tooth enamel.

Resolve to Start Flossing Yet Again

Do you frequently get yelled at when you go to the dentist because you don't do enough flossing? If you're like many people, you might start it up again for a week or two after you leave the dentist but then your plan falls by the wayside again. With spring offering a chance to renew your dental plan, go ahead and try and work flossing back into your oral care routine. You'll never get the hang of doing it daily if you keep waiting for your next dentist appointment to start doing it again.

Be Aware of Spring Temptations

With spring may come certain events in your life that provide an opportunity for cavities to grow. If you are in college, that temptation is likely spring break. Yes, go ahead and have fun but try to remember to take your toothbrush and actually use it in between the numerous shots and glasses of beer.

If you and your family celebrate Easter in the spring, be mindful of the fact that the Easter Bunny often brings all kinds of sweets with him and those sweets can also lead to cavities if you are not careful. Make sure your children are rinsing out their mouths after going on another chocolate run this holiday season.

Spring is often associated with a chance to renew so it's the perfect time to renew your oral care routine if you've fallen off of it. Get your family some fresh toothbrushes and floss and get back to it. For best results, contact a local dentist for your next appointment today