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How To Reduce Some Of The Negatives Of Flipper Use

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If you have suddenly lost a tooth, then you likely will want a replacement as soon as possible to ensure that aesthetics an function can be maintained. While you consider your options carefully in regard to a permanent replacement, there are some more temporary options to consider. A flipper tooth is one of them, but there are a few negatives to picking this sort of tooth. Keep reading to learn what they are and how they can be avoided.

Breakage Of The Tooth

A flipper tooth is essentially an artificial tooth that is attached to an acrylic base. This base has metal wire fittings that attach to the nearby teeth, and the base sits firmly against the palate or the oral ridge. The artificial tooth sits along one edge of the base and slips into the opening where the tooth was lost. While the tooth is firmly attached to the base structure, it can break off if pressure is placed against the tooth directly. 

The good news is that flippers are relatively inexpensive when compared to other tooth replacement options and the new tooth can be replaced and fitted directly to the base. 

You can prevent breakage, and this is the best option when you have a flipper made for you. You want to handle the flipper gently and remove it from the mouth by the base. Also, you want to place the flipper in a closed container when not in use. Your dentist will provide you with an appropriate container when the flipper is first fitted to your mouth. You also want to check for the looseness of the tooth itself, so your dentist can adhere the tooth strongly if it does start to break free.

Eating Difficulties

When you first start using your flipper, you may find that it is a bit difficult to eat with. The movement of your tongue may be occluded by the base, and you may find that food gets stuck around the tooth and the base. There is one simple solution to this issue though. Simply remove the flipper before you eat. This is an easy solution if you have a flipper device with one tooth. 

If the flipper helps to replace several missing teeth or if you want to use the device to eat, then you should start off slowly by eating soft foods. Slowly incorporate harder foods into the diet to see if they can be eaten without flipper movement. Also, you want to make sure that you are performing good oral hygiene after eating. 

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