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Is There An Alternative To A Dental Crown?

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A dental crown is something dentists place over teeth, primarily molar teeth, to protect them, and dental crowns are used for several key reasons. If your dentist tells you that you need a crown, you might not be happy about this, as crowns can be expensive. You could always ask your dentist if there is an alternative to a dental crown for your tooth, but the dentist is probably going to tell you that there really is not a good alternative.

Why dental crowns are used

Dentists typically only recommend dental crowns when they are absolutely necessary, and here are some of the common reasons people will need these for their teeth:

A tooth underwent a root canal – A root canal is an intense procedure that requires a dentist to access the canals of the tooth. To do this, a dentist must make a hole in a tooth or remove part of the tooth's structure to access the canals. This will leave a tooth weak and partially gone, and a dentist will fix the tooth with a crown.

A tooth has too much decay or too many fillings – Crowns are also commonly used for teeth that have too much decay on them or that have too many fillings. When a cavity is too large to hold and support a filling, the dentist would recommend using a crown instead.

A tooth is cracked – When a molar tooth gets cracked and cannot be fixed with a filling, the dentist will probably recommend using a crown to fix it.

There are other times dentists also use crowns, and crowns are an ideal option for fixing weak molar teeth.

Why there is not a good alternative

The primary reason teeth need crowns is to strengthen the teeth. When teeth are weak or partially missing, they cannot stand on their own. While a dentist can apply fillings to teeth to fix small problems, fillings do not work well when they are large. If you really do not want a crown, you could ask the dentist if a filling would work instead. The dentist could try applying a filling; however, the dentist is likely to tell you that a filling is more of a temporary solution rather than a permanent one.

If you find out that you need a crown for a tooth, you should go ahead and get it. Crowns may be expensive, but they work well for protecting teeth. Contact a dental clinic if you have any questions about this. For more information, contact a company like Demianko Dental Care.