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Four Benefits Of Invisible Braces That You Don't Have With Metal Ones

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Traditional metal braces often make wearers cringe. They do not like them because they are obvious, and because they seem so medieval. At least now patients have the option of choosing Invisalign invisible braces. Invisible braces have all the following benefits that traditional metal braces do not.

You Can Brush and Floss Normally

People with metal braces can brush normally, but they go through a lot of toothbrushes before the braces come off. When they floss, they have to use special brush picks and floss threaders to thread floss between teeth and above the wires and brackets just to get the floss into the gums. When you have invisible braces, you can use the same brush for several months without having to replace the brush. Because you remove these braces to conduct oral hygiene practices, your flossing is the same procedure as it has always been.

You Can Remove Your Braces and Eat Anything

For patients who have traditional braces, there is a massively long list of foods you are not allowed to have, many of which are probably your favorites! It can be incredibly frustrating trying to remember if you can have popcorn at the movie theater or pizza at a party and realize that you cannot. Invisible braces allow you to remove the braces and eat whatever you like, with the requirement that you brush and floss after each meal. That is all you have to remember to do.

Your Braces Will Never Show in Any Pictures

This last benefit is one that is definitely preferred by senior high school students. Adults may or may not be bothered by others seeing their braces, but the last thing a senior high school student wants is senior photos with braces. The invisible braces are barely noticeable in head shots, and if you can see them, you can still remove the invisible braces just for photos and special occasions. You definitely cannot do that with traditional metal braces!

You Will Never Cut Your Lips or Cheeks on Your Invisible Braces

A very big problem with adapting to metal braces is the fact that the brackets tend to cut your cheeks and lips until you adapt to them. This is a painful process that can last up to a month or more. Invisible braces have no brackets because they are trays that snap in over your teeth. Your lips and cheeks glide smoothly over the surface of the invisible braces, leaving no hurt or harm.

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