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3 Situations Where Veneers Are Very Beneficial

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There are so many wonderful things that cosmetic dentists use to improve your smile. One way that cosmetic dentists do this is with the use of veneers. Veneers are shells made out of porcelain. These shells are then placed on the front of your teeth to give them a whole new look. There are certain situations where veneers are an incredible tool to use and can bring about great results. 

Your Teeth Are Misshapen 

If you aren't happy with the natural shape of your teeth, no amount of straightening your teeth will help with this. Teeth that are misshapen may be very narrow at the bottom, undersized compared to the teeth around them, unnaturally angular, etc. One of the best solutions to fix teeth like this is through the use of a veneer. The veneer is created to be the perfect size and shape, and is then bonded onto the misshapen tooth. This can be done to as many teeth in your mouth as necessary to give you a mouth full of teeth that look how you'd like them to. 

Your Teeth Are Stained 

While teeth whitening does an excellent job of whitening teeth, there are some stains so deep under the enamel that whitening cannot get them out. If this is the case, then veneers are a great option. The veneers cover the portion of the tooth that is stained, and replace it with a porcelain shell of your desired whiteness. Just keep in mind that the color of the veneer needs to match the rest of your teeth, unless they are all being covered with veneers. 

Your Teeth Are Crooked

While one way to straighten your teeth is by using braces, veneers are also another excellent way that you can straighten your teeth. The benefit of using veneers is the fact that you will get perfect teeth in a much shorter period of time. The veneers are put into place in a matter of hours, and braces can sometimes take years for you to get your desired results. Veneers will also leave each of your teeth the exact color and size that you want them to be, whereas braces can only straighten your current teeth. 

If you don't like the shape of your teeth, they are stained beyond repair, or they are crooked, veneers can help to give you the shape, size, and color of teeth that you desire. For more information, get in touch with a dental office like Beck Pearce Dental.