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4 Reasons To Get A Dental Crown

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The key to feeling your best and having the highest quality of life will primarily lie in the state of your dental health. Having teeth that are in good condition can allow you to eat a healthier diet and reap the numerous benefits of doing so. It may be necessary for you to get a dental crown at some stage of life. If this has been recommended for you to do by your dentist, you may be interested in knowing some of the reasons to get a dental crown.

Reason #1: Severe decay

The most common benefit of getting a dental crown is being able to save the tooth. This may be impossible if you have a tooth that has been severely decayed.

Putting a stable crown in place over the tooth can be the key to avoiding an extraction and allow you to have better dental health.

Reason #2: Fractured tooth

A tooth that has become cracked must be repaired if you wish to save the tooth. One of the benefits of choosing a dental crown is that if you have a damaged tooth due to cracks in it, this procedure is an effective way to avoid an extraction.

A fracture can occur in your tooth when you bite down hard on something and you may not even be aware it happened.

Reason #3: Worn down

Over time, the teeth can weaken, and this may cause you to need a crown put in place. It's possible that a tooth that's extremely weak can crack entirely and this could potentially cause you to lose your tooth.

Reason #4: Anchor a dental bridge

If you have a tooth that is missing, you will want to restore it as soon as possible. Failing to do so could cause your other teeth to shift, and this is less than desirable for any person.

Dental crowns are the method in which a bridge is made and can be the ideal restoration for you to deal with a situation such as this. Of course, the number of teeth you have missing will determine the number of crowns you will need.

Taking time to consider the many advantages of getting a crown is sure to have you motivated to schedule an appointment to do so when needed. Continue reading more about dental health and be sure to speak to your dentist today to help determine if you're the best candidate for this type of dental procedure.