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Here's Why Your Dentist Might Not Approve Implants

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Once you've seen how natural dental implants can look, you may get excited about the prospect of getting your own installed so that you don't have to be self-conscious about a missing tooth. However, what might be surprising to discover is that your cosmetic dentist may not immediately approve the procedure for you. It's possible that there are some health concerns and issues that could make the implant unsuccessful and cause damage to your jaw and gums. The following issues could be reasons that your dentist asks you to hold off on an implant.

You Smoke

One of the most serious health concerns that may cause your dentist to delay an implant is that you smoke. Cigarette chemicals are not only caustic to the mouth lining, but also the habit of smoking can lead to poor oxygenation in the entire body. That can affect any implant because your gums are likely to heal slower due to a slower flow of oxygenated blood to the area where the implant is. Therefore, if you're serious about implants, it's necessary to do what you can to give up the habit.

You Have Cavities

Any sort of cavities that you already have are not only damaging your teeth, but also they could be making an implant a risky procedure. Cavities typically contain bacteria that is eating away at the enamel of a tooth, and if that bacteria travels to the site where the implant has been put in, that could lead to a bacterial infection there. As a result, the implant may not settle properly. In extreme cases, there could be jawbone loss. For good results after your implant is in, it's best if your cavities are handled first.

You've Got Bleeding, Red Gums

Bacteria could also cause a problem for you if your mouth has no cavities at all. If you're brushing your teeth and your gums are bleeding, or your gums are usually sore or red, that could mean that you're starting to exhibit signs of gum disease due to bacteria. A dentist is unlikely to recommend an implant if your gums are not in good shape, so they may suggest root planing and scaling--a deep cleaning procedure for the gums--and other treatment first.

If you truly feel that implants are something you'd like to have, begin to prepare for them by making the changes discussed above. Asking your cosmetic dentist for guidance will also help. For more information, contact a business such as Aaron G Birch, DDS PC.