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Tobacco Stains: The Secret Plague Of Many Ex-Smokers

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Those who have just quit smoking for good have done their health a major favor. In their transition phase, they are likely to want to manage health problems caused by this bad habit, including eliminating tobacco stains on the teeth. This problem plagues many ex-smokers and often takes cosmetic whitening procedures to manage properly.

Tobacco Stains Can Be Hard To Eliminate

Lifelong smokers have heavily exposed their teeth to nicotine and tar, two substances that will heavily stain the teeth. While it does take some time, regular smoking will cause yellow and brown buildup on the teeth that can attract plaque, bacteria, and other problematic items that can seriously impact a person's dental health.

Even if tobacco stains don't cause dental health problems, they are an ugly reminder of a bad habit. People who quit smoking should work hard to eliminate them as quickly as possible, both with the use of at-home methods and cosmetic dentistry methods.

Whitening The Teeth At Home Is Possible

While tobacco stains can be difficult to remove, they aren't impossible. Even regularly brushing the teeth and flossing can help here. There are even a variety of all-natural methods that many people seem to think work. These include:

  • Baking soda – Brushing the teeth for a minute or two with a baking soda past can every few days may help break apart some tobacco stains.
  • Banana peel – Some people suggest rubbing the inner side of a banana peel on the teeth and then brushing the teeth 10 minutes later.
  • Coal powder – It might surprises some to hear that black coal is used to break apart stains, but it is said to absorb chemicals and toxins and break apart stains.
  • Olive oil – Gargling with olive oil for a few minutes every day is said to break apart tough tooth stains, particularly those related to tobacco.

While these methods can help break apart some stains, tobacco stains are a tough nut for many people to crack. Cosmetic dentistry, particularly tooth whitening procedures, may be essential in this fight against tobacco stains.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

While the above-mentioned treatments can help remove some tobacco stains, they aren't really good enough for serious stains. Visiting a cosmetic dentist is a good idea here because they can prescribe smoker-specific toothpastes that are designed to increased the shine of a smile naturally.

They can also provide in-patient teeth whitening procedures that break apart stains in a sustained and successful manner. Professional bleaching of this type requires a few different office visits and also sustained treatment with gels and toothpastes after the treatments are over. This is an important way of protecting overall dental health and breaking apart tobacco stains.

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