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Preparing Your Child For Braces Removal

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If your child is nearing the end of the treatment cycle with braces, he or she may wonder what's ahead in terms of the actual removal process. After all, by the time you get to the end of the treatment cycle, your child is probably pretty used to having the braces in place and may be apprehensive about having them taken off. The best thing you can do is prepare your child by helping him or her understand the process.

Elastic And Wire Removal

The process for removing braces essentially reverses the initial application. The orthodontist will start by removing the elastics from the braces, as those were the last thing to be put into place when they were installed. The elastics are removed using a small tool with a hook on the end.

Once the elastics have been removed, the orthodontist will remove the wires from the brackets. This requires the use of small pliers to grasp and pull each wire from the groove where it rests on the bracket. This part takes a few minutes, because the wires have to be removed one at a time.

Bracket Removal

With the bands and wires off, the next step is for the orthodontist to pull the brackets off. Your child may be a little bit nervous about this part because the brackets were adhered to the teeth during the initial installation. Let them know that the brackets are made with this in mind.

They are designed so that they break loose easily with pressure applied to the right portion of the bracket base. The orthodontist will do this with a pair of pliers. Unfortunately, this leaves a bit of the adhesive residue behind. Once all of the brackets are removed, the residue is addressed.

Cleaning and Polishing

The final stage in the process involves cleaning and polishing your teeth to get rid of the adhesive residue and help the teeth look great. Your child may notice that their teeth are a bit more sensitive during this process, and this is normal. It happens because the teeth have been protected by braces for some time, so they will have to adjust to feeling other types of sensations again.

When your child understands what the removal process will entail, it can take some of the anxiety and uncertainty out of the process. Don't let fear of the unknown leave your child hesitant to visit the orthodontist for this next stage in dental care. For more tips about what to expect, schedule a consultation with the orthodontist who can tell you more about this topic.