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Does Your Dentist Go The Extra Mile?

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Do your dental patients feel like people when they visit your dental practice or do they just feel like another nameless patient? When they come in for a root canal, a new crown, veneers, or even a regular visit, you want to make sure they are treated like a real person and they feel like a valued customer.

As a dentist, like one at BayView Dental Arts, going the extra mile is not only going to make your customers a lot more happy, but they will also generate more business and money, while also having a more enjoyable time doing it.

Below are ways  your dental practice can go above and beyond to make the customer have a more enjoyable experience.

1. Valet Parking. At some of the higher end dental practices, a dentist might offer a valet parking service. This is especially useful in large cities with dense populations where parking can be harder to find. You can offer this kind of service and will immediately make the experience better for your customers.

2. Extended Office Hours. Too often a dentist is not available to be seen. They see too many patients in a small window of time. By extending your office hours and having at least one dentist in the office for many hours of the day, a patients schedule will be better accommodated.

3. Emergency Visits. A dentist that opens their doors at any hour of the night to accommodate a patient having an emergency is the encapsulation of a dentist willing to go the extra mile. You can show you really care about your customer as a person as opposed to just a patient.

4. Environment. Too often the dental practice office is bare and cold. There are no decorations, the paint is dull and there is no excitement or life to the office. You as a dentist can invest in putting a more customer friendly environment into the office that shows that you care about making the experience more pleasant for the customer. Fun music, bright and beautiful paint on the walls, and decorations and furniture that are warm and inviting will go a long way to showing that you are truly interested in making your practice enjoyable.

These are just a few of the ways that your dental practice can make the experience more enjoyable. This will make the customer feel comfortable and you will also experience an increase in customer satisfaction that will translate into profit.