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Tired Of Having A Good Smile? Try These 5 Teeth Rotting Foods!

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Are you sick and tired of having a healthy, superstar smile? Have you been trying to think of ways to destroy your teeth without using violence? There is good news! There are several foods that will help you destroy your smile without much effort at all. This article will discuss 5 of these foods. Your teeth will be stained, cracked, and crooked in no time!

Gotta Love That Citrus!

If you're a fruit lover, then you should incorporate more citrus foods into your teeth-rotting diet. Grapefruit, lemons, and limes are great for harming your smile.

Eating these fruits on a regular basis can erode your enamel. This is because the acid in the fruit will gradually wear away at the enamel until the inside of the tooth is exposed.

If this is allowed to continue, it can cause tooth decay. Next time you get hungry, grab a grapefruit!

Dried Fruit Is Your Friend

Some people believe that dried fruit is actually healthy. When it comes to teeth, it's anything but healthy. If you want to ruin your smile, the sugar in dried fruit will do just that.

When you eat dried fruit, it sticks to your teeth. When this happens, your teeth are being continually damaged by the sugar. This makes it much easier for tooth-eating bacteria to accumulate.

Thirsty? Have A Soda!

If there's something that you must have if you want to rot your teeth, it's soda. You could even call it the king of teeth destroyers.

Soda contains high amounts of sugar, which can cause bacteria to grow in your mouth. This alone, makes it great for destroying your smile. Soda also contains high levels of citric and phosphoric acids, which are known to eat away at your enamel.

Tomato Sauce, Teeth Eater Extraordinaire!

Like citrus fruits, tomato sauce is very high in acidity. Not only that, it also tends to stick to your teeth, which can cause staining.

Tomato sauce makes your teeth more porous. When this happens, your teeth absorbs the coloring of the tomato sauce, which causes your teeth to become stained.

The fact that tomato sauce is a darker color makes this problem even worse. It's a great way to cause tooth decay while staining your teeth.

These foods are guaranteed to destroy your smile if you eat them regularly. Make sure you aren't adopting good dental habits as well. It can counteract the impact of these foods. 

A dentist such as Dr. Fred Guerra can offer you more advice about the kinds of foods and drinks that are worst for your teeth.